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All foals are available in Utero.Buying in-utero is easy, just put down a 25% deposit now and the remainder is due after the foal is born, or you are welcome to make payments through-out the pregnancy. Prices below are for the 2010 foal only-does not include the  mare. Download your in-utero contract  here. Deposit accepted through Paypal (please add 3% service charge)

Outlook for 2010 In-utero

These are the crosses for  the  2010 Foals. All confirmed mares are ultrasounded by our vet. Price is for foal only, does not include mare. Buying in-utero saves you a lot of money but we can not guarantee the sex or color of the foal.


Bob Acre Blue & Twoeyed Sug Bar Tafi (Grullo & Perlino) Dunolino filly born 2-25-09- SOLD_PEDIGREE

Bred back for 2010- available in-utero for $2000. 100% colored foal!!


Bob Acre Blue & Rickashay Suzy (Grullo & Brown) Produced a red dun colt with chrome $1200 PEDIGREE

Will be bred back to Bob Acre Blue for 2010- available in-utero for $1800- 100% dun or grullo foal.


CTR Peptos Gin Holly & Hickorys Hot Choice (red roan &bay)2009 Red Roan Colt-SOLD

 Bred to Palo Duro Cat ( Palomino Highbrow Cat Son) Available in-utero for 2010 $5500.

Bob Acre Blue & Con Brio Music (Grullo & Blue Roan Grulla) 100% Grullo or dun foal! In-utero for 2-2010 $2500. PEDIGREE

SPC Cut N Oak & My Genuine Melody (Palomino & Palomino) Confirmed in foal for 2-2010 $2500 PEDIGREE

Bob Acre Blue & EFR Smart Cut N Tuck (grullo & Sorrel) 100% color guaranteed! $2000 in -utero PEDIGREE

Bob Acre Blue & My Stawberry Roan (Grullo & Bay Roan)100% color guaranteed! $1500 in-utero PEDIGREE

SPC Cut N Oak & Shining Lil. (Palomino & Sorrel) in-utero price $2000 PEDIGREE

Palo Duro Cat & Cash A Roany (palomino & Palomino) PEDIGREE $7500 in utero

Palo Duro Cat & Zan Sparkin Par Bar (Palomino & Palomino) PEDIGREE $5500 in-utero

Palo Duro Cat & My Perfect Remedy (palomino Highbrow Cat Son & Bay ) $5500


Bob Acre Blue & Double Oreo Delite (grullo& Bay tobiano)Produced a HUGE red dun sabino filly SOLD - PEDIGREE

Will be bred back to Bob Acre Blue for 2010- $2000 100% dun foal


Smart Abie & LS Drums Goldenchance (Bay tobiano & dun tobiano) Produced a dun Tobiano colt (homozygous black) $2500 PEDIGREE 

Bred back to Smart Abie for 2010- available in-utero for $2500.


Smart Abie & SW Hollywood Who Dunit (Bay Tobiano & Buckskin) Produced a smokey black filly $1800 PEDIGREE 


Bob Acre Blue & Poco Star Domino (Grullo & Bay tobiano-Homozygous) Produced a huge grullo Tobiano filly. SOLD

 Bred back to Bob Acre Blue for 2010- available in-utero for $2500. 100% tobiano and dun or grullo! PEDIGREE


Bob Acre Blue & Coronary Thrombrosis (Grullo & Bay Tobiano)100% dun or grullo! In-utero $2500.

Bob Acre Blue & Freckles Sugar Star (Grullo & Bay Tobiano) 100% Dun or Grullo! in-utero $2500

Smart Abie & QTs Covergirl (Bay tobiano & buckskin tobiano) 100% paint, no reds! In-utero $4500

Smart Abie & Peppys My Pappy ( Bay Tobiano & Bay Roan Tovero) No Red Foals! $1800

Smart Abie & Tuckers CD ( Bay Tobiano & Bay Tobiano) No Red Foals! $2500